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3000mAh Magnetic Portable Charger

3000mAh Magnetic Portable Charger

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Convenient Charging On The Go!

-No Additional Cables Required-

This small Magnetic Portable Charger is the perfect companion for the modern user. With its convenient size and magnetic adapter, you'll always have the power you need on the go. Enjoy fast charging and prolonged battery life on your most important devices. With this new mobile power supply there is no need to buy or use additional charging cables; Reducing weight and space making it more convenient to carry! 

-Reduce Loss-

The new mobile power supply adopts the design that the main board is directly connected to the charging interface. The strong magnet absorbs wireless charging. It does not need to be charged through the conduction of the charging line like the traditional mobile power supply. The new design reduces the charging loss. The power output from the battery is directly input to the charging port. Significantly improve energy efficiency on mobile phones

-Extensive Compatibility-

Three interfaces can be switched at will, Micro Type C, and Lightning interface, compatible with 90% of mobile devices, Lightning interface is suitable for iPhone AirPods Watch Type C, suitable for Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Poco, Oneplus, OPPO, Moto, LG, Sony ect


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